5 Benefits of Eating Beans And Lentils

Beans and lentils are an excellent source plant based protein, they keep you full, are high in fibre, and gluten free!  You can make many different dishes from soups to salads. You eat them as a side dish or as a main dish. You should be eating more beans and lentils every day as part of your regular diet and here’s why !!

1. Controls high blood pressure

Studies have shown that dietary protein and soluble fibre help in the prevention of hypertension and can actually improve and control it.

2. Boost your enzyme intake

A key ingredient for enzymes to function is the trace mineral Copper.  It is needed in making skin pigment and connective tissues.  1 cup of  adzuki beans has 34% of your dally value needed.

3. Increase your iron intake

Lentils are high in iron.  Just one cup of lentils provides you with 34% of your daily value.  By eating iron rich lentils with sources of vitamin C will increase the body’s ability to absorb iron

4. Weight Control

In studies, people who ate more beans had a lower risk of obesity.  Beans are high in soluble fibre which slows digestion and makes you feel fuller longer.  The body uses 70% of its energy to break down the fibre in foods. Eating beans will make you feel fuller for longer.  One cup of black beans will give your 60% of your daily value of fibre.

5.Lowers Cancer risk

The high content of fibre and nutrients have been proven to keep the digestive system healthy.  Thus decreasing the risk of intestinal cancers.  Studies have also shown that there is a reduction of breast cancer in women who ate beans twice a week to those who did not eat any beans.

So go ahead and plan some meals with beans and lentils. They will improve your hunger cravings and overall health.

Eat avocados to keep youthful

Eating avocados will help to keep you youthful

Denise holding an avocado

Not only are avocados rich, creamy and flavourful, but they are an incredible super food  to incorporate on a regular basis into your diet to turn back the clock and keep you youthful inside and out.

1. Good for the Heart

Avocados are full of “good” fats known as monounsaturated fats.  These fats assist in good heart health and lower blood pressure. Specifically avocados are high in folate which lowers the risk of heart attacks and heart disease.

2. Good for your Eyes

High in Lutein which has been proven to prevent and protect against eye disease. In the eye, Lutein helps filter harmful  high energy wavelengths of blue light, unfortunately the body does not synthesize the lutein it needs, which is why daily intake of avocado high in lutein will help the overall health of your vision.  One ounce of avocado contains 81 micro grams of lutein.

3. High in Carotenoids

Why is this important? Carotenoids are lipophilic.  This means they are soluble in fat, not water, therefore eating carotenoid packed foods like whole fruits and vegetables along with avocados helps your body absorb the cartoenoids.

4. High in Vitamins and Minerals

High in Vitamin K, B9, B6 C and E.  They are also an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.   Did you know an avocado contains more potassium per gram than bananas?

5. Manage your Weight

Avocados can actually make you feel full.  They are high in Oleic Acid- a fat that activates the part of your brain that makes you feel full.  Eating healthy unsaturated fats containing  Oleic acid have been shown to produce a feeling of being satisfied more so than eating foods with trans fats found in processed foods.

6. Youthful Skin

Avocado oil has a high hydrocarbon content which helps dry skin.  The oil nourishes and maintains skin tone.  Massaged into the scalp it improves hair growth.

Add Avocados to your diet! In salads, as dips, as a spread, they will keep you healthy, and youthful!




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Denise Pala 6 Day Juice Fast

*Increased Energy,
Extracted juices have no insoluable fibre, it takes alot of energy for the kidneys, liver , intestines to break down food, and then not all the vitamins, nutrients can effectively get to your tissues. Using your bodies energy to work down food, instead of that energy fueling you to be your best.  By drinking natural juices, you have removed the fibre and 100% of the healthy vitamins and minerals go directly to your tissues. You will have so much energy you will not know  what to do with it!

*Weight Loss up to 10 pounds 6 days!!!
By clearing your system of fibres, for a short time of fasting, as short as 6 days, the body will use its energy to break down FAT,
Within 6 days you will lose up to 10 pounds, feeling light, healthy, reduce bloating, inflamation and go down a dress size! All the while becoming the healthiest you can be.

*Glowing youthful skin
Fruits hold incredible natural anti aging  enzymes,  by juicing you will be ingesting them in their live natural state directly into your tissues.  Along with keepin hydrated, you skin will glow and you will reverse the againg clock. Look 6 years younger in 6 days!!  Our skin is a way for toxins to release from our body. If you feed your body with natural easty to digest healthy juices, there will be no waste to release from your skin, only the healthy glow from the anti-aging live enzymes.

*Healthy digestive system
6 days of just juice and water will give your digestive system a rest.  The fruits and vegetables are easy to digest an act as a tooth brush for your system.  The first few days is elimantion of all that the intestines hold, the next couple days is a rest and finally the last 2 days is the digesting beginning new and refreshed.

*Mental Clarity and a Sense of accomplishment
When the body is not using its energy to break down foods high in fats, processed ingredients, wheat, dairy and processsed sugars.  The body is not tired.  The mind is clear.  The brain is a wet organ, It has been proven that keeping the mind hydrated will imporve mental clarity, memory and fight of disease. After 6 days of being commited to feed your body the healthiest juices you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and your oulook towards foods and what you put into your body will shift.

*Change your overall lifestyle
After 6 days of clearing your body of toxins, gaining energy, and relieving bloat, inflamation. You will find it challenging to go back to eating the way you did.  You will want to incoporate more juices and lighter live raw, healthy easty to digest vegetable based meals. It is a wave of health and vitality you will want to contiune to ride!!


2 Quick & Easy Juice Recipes To Try

Clean Green Detoxifier
Low in calories and rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. This juice recipe revitalizes and eliminates toxins. Celery and cucumber increase alkalinity. This will calm your digestion as it detoxifies you. It also acts as a mild diuretic to reduce water retention in your body.

3 Large Kale Leaves

2 Handfuls of Spinach

1 Full Celery Stick

2 Apples

2 Spears of Pineapple

1 Small Cucumber


Quick Natural Energy Booster

Make this natural energy boosting drink when you need a boost for a busy day. It’s quick, easy and delicious. Loaded with lots of vitamin A and C with natural sugars and antioxidants. The ginger calms and helps with your digestion as well.

4 Carrots

2 Apples

1 Medium Lemon ( Peeled)

1 Inch Ginger Root